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Deep Chroma Display Pro

Turn your living room into a theater room.
It produces the picture quality that gives you the feeling of being there.


Achieves a color gamut that exceeds 100% of the digital cinema color gamut standard. 167% of the screen brightness compared to conventional model. Colour area is widened by two elements. Sharp's unique 8K UV2A panel with lower reflection and newly developed backlight. Using high quality panels made in Osaka, Japan.

SHARP's unique colour technology - Deep Chroma Display Pro




Z2 Revelation Processor

8K processor which upgrades your viewing experience from any signals or sources.



Equipped with a newly developed engine with high image quality and performance. Supports precise image processing and comfortable viewing for broadcast and streaming video online. 20% Faster CPU Performance, 156% Faster Graphics. A chipset with significantly improved performance to supports more comfortable viewing.


*OPSODIS is available only with AQUOS THE SCENES Audio (8A-C22CX1).

Turn your living room into a theater room.
Sound quality that gives you the feeling of being there.

Powered by OPSODIS Kajima Corporation’s Technical Research Institute and University of Southampton's Sound and Vibration Laboratory, which is renowned in the field of acoustic technology.

Overcome the challenges of conventional surround technology. Able to reproduce spatial expression, in particular from the front and rear. OPSODIS simulates how human perceives the sound in actual. A unique binaural reproduction technology, able to controls the time difference of the sound and experience the natural stereophonic sound that reaches each of the left and right ears directly. OPSODIS creates 360-degree immersive sound from any content source.

Three-dimensional audio technology - OPSODIS



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  Wear earphones to feel the effect.


Powerful 10 Speakers

Innovative speaker layout design.


The speaker layout is totally renewed. Independent speakers for high, mid and low frequencies, with total 10 speakers for a three-dimensional sound.


HDR Enhanced+

Go beyond HDR. Pursuing more optimal brightness.



Sharp's proprietary processing *patent pending allows you to experience realistic and deep images.
Contents brightness is diversified. But it does not always display comfortably to viewers. HDR Enhanced+ optimizes middle tones, where people can easily perceive contrast. Optimizing the amount of light by detecting darker and brighter areas, and driving its backlight by areas.

*Effective not only for HDR but also for SDR (non-HDR).


Streaming Video Optimizer

Enjoy clear and smooth viewing with any VOD service.


Comfortable viewing experience for streaming video watchers. Noise reduction and tone correction are performed to VODs such as Netflix/YouTube/Amazon Prime. You can enjoy clear and comfortable images with less noise.  


Application for bringing real life experience.

8K Resolution & 8K AI Upconvert

Achieves an overwhelming sense of presence with AQUOS 8K.



Predict and restore the original shape of the object.

Z2 Revelation Processor is analyzed by using 8K pixels, which are 1/4 the size of 4K. In particular, image processing is performed on the areas where human eyes feel 10 times more delicate than usual.

Android TV™ gives you a smarter, easier way to get more from your TV. Access 400,000+ movies and shows, cast photos, listen to music and more.

Enjoy more 8K contents.

Beautiful journey around the world through 8K big screen.
YouTube is the only steaming video platform which have 8K contents.
AQUOS THE SCENES adopts the latest format AV1 adopted for their 8K streaming.


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Managing your family memories intelligently with AI.

*This feature is coming soon

AI recognition and automatic classified the family faces, places, and times to create memory folders.
You can share more fun with your family memories in the living room with a big screen.

 *Supports resolutions up to 8K
*The UI is subject to change without prior notice

See more of your loved ones, now on the big screen.

  Google Duo supports up to 720P quality, and requires a USB camera compatible with Android TV (sold separately)
*Users should use Duo only in TVs that have Oreo+.
**Users that don't have a built-in camera need to plug-in a USB camera.

Do more on your TV with your voice. Press the Google Assistant button on your remote to quickly search 400,000+ movies and shows, get recommendations to match your mood, control smart home devices, and more.




AQUOS THE SCENES 8K are available in 70 and 60 inches.
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Powerful sound quality.
Equipped with Eilex Prism™


Sharp 8K AQUOS able to capture and correct changes in the acoustic power of the entire space. Obtained sound closer to original quality, natural spreading with depth feeling and high clarity sound.

Japan Quality


All SHARP products passed the strict Japanese standard.
SHARP TV is proven to have safe operation and high endurance under various circumtances.

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SHARP Air Conditioner 7 Shields Protection
*Google, Android TV, Chromecast built-in, Google Duo and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC.
**Google Assistant is not available in certain languages and countries.

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