Information Security Policy

Written by Sharp Việt Nam.


We are committed to protecting all personal data of website participants in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and relevant legal procedures. The Privacy Policy page (Privacy Page) summarizes the forms of information that our company collects through this website, how we use and manage the data. The content of this site also refers to the benefits you receive regarding the confidentiality of data and provides the way you need to contact us.

1- Purpose and scope of information collection

     What data do we collect and why?

          When referring to the word "personal information", our company wants to clarify that it is the information we collect from you, which can help identify exactly who you are. More specifically, such information includes your name / personal name, address, phone number (including mobile phone number), online user name, email address, age, gender and love. family marital status and can also include other information such as shopping habits, favorite things or details of life forms such as activities or participation, things you care about etc. .... We assure you that our company will not intentionally collect any of your personal information when you visit our website unless you voluntarily provide information.

          When you provide personal information to us through going to this website, it means that you know exactly what our company intends to exploit for what purpose and we have a survey. Your approval of the right to use. Our company uses purposeful information.

     The specific purposes of using information are as follows:

Answer your questions

           In the sections where you have written personal information for the purpose of sending inquiries (for example, about the company, the program rules, how to participate, or any service to us, we will use The data you provide is intended to answer your questions, and in some cases we will share the right to use your personal data details with other members and organizations. of Sharp Corporation, or with Data Mining Division (defined in section 3 below).

Update information on Sharp products and promotion and promotion programs

Where you choose to receive information, we will send you information or solicitations for participation in a product, and / or promotional and promotional programs, and / or a translation. Any of our company that we believe you are interested in. If you agree, we may share your data or move to other Sharp companies and carefully selected companies, which may send you information information and / or content offered for participation in a product and / or promotion and promotion program, and / or any service of their company, according to the specific content at our time collect your personal data. However, at any time, you can cancel without registering to receive further information in the selection ("exit" - "opt out"

2- Scope of using information

Sharp Vietnam collects and uses your personal information for the proper purpose and fully complies with the content of this "Privacy Policy".

When necessary, we may use this information to contact you directly in the form of: open letter, order, thank you letter, sms, technical information and security ...

3- Time to store information

     Your personal data will be stored for 3 years or canceled by itself when ordered from Sharp Vietnam. In all cases, personal information of members will be kept confidential on Sharp Vietnam's servers.

4. People or organizations may have access to information

We will not disclose your information to third parties for their own independent business or marketing purposes without your consent.

However, we may disclose your information to legal entities and in the following circumstances :

Affiliates : Your  information may be shared among Sharp's affiliates to serve the product-specific information for affiliates .

Business partners :  We can also share your information with trusted business partners, including mobile operators. These legal entities may use your information to provide the services you require or if the partner has a need, we can provide partners with promotional materials, advertisements and talents. other materials.

Service Provider :  We may also disclose your information to companies that provide services to or on our behalf, such as companies that help us pay or send emails on our behalf. . These entities are limited in your ability to use your information for purposes other than providing services to us.

Other parties when required by law or when necessary to protect our service  ó situations where we have to provide your information to other parties:

to comply with the law or meet the required legal process (such as a search warrant or other court order);

to verify or enforce compliance with our policy of service adjustment; and

to protect the rights and obligations , assets or the safety of you or the affiliated companies, business partners or our customers.

Other parties are involved with the company's transactions. We may disclose your information to third parties if required by the authorities in the event of bankruptcy.

Other parties have your consent or follow Sharp 's instructions In addition to disclosures as described in this Privacy Policy, we may share information about you  with third parties upon receiving your consent .


5. The address of the unit collecting and managing personal information

     Sharp Vietnam Electronics Company Limited

     3rd floor, Saigon Center, 9, Dinh Tien Hoang, Q1., Ho Chi Minh City

     Hakuhodo Vietnam Co., Ltd.

     5th floor, Saigon Center, No. 65 Le Loi, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

     There will be times when our company contracts with a third party to exploit or analyze data that we have obtained from our websites, including your personal information. These suppliers and third parties have a contractual obligation to not use your personal information for any purpose other than the purpose specified by our company.

6- Vehicles and tools for users to access and edit their personal data.

     Currently, the website has not implemented the personal information management page of its members, so accessing and editing personal data is based on your requirements by the following method:

Calling the call center customer service 1800 1599, the operator will record and ask the administrator for assistance to edit the information for you.

Comment directly from the website  , the administrator checks the information and contacts you to confirm the information again and the administrator edit information for you.

7. Mechanism for receiving and resolving complaints related to personal customer information.

When detecting that your personal information is used for the wrong purpose or scope, the member can provide information and evidence related to this by address: 
Sharp Vietnam Electronics Co., Ltd.
Address : 3rd Floor, Saigon Center, No. 9, Dinh Tien Hoang, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City 
Or call Customer Service: + 84-28-3910 7499

Depending on the level and nature of the complaint, the Division / unit in charge of resolving complaints will have specific measures.

If it is through the agreement that the member's complaint cannot be resolved, either party will have the right to ask the competent law agency to intervene to ensure the legitimate interests of the parties.

8- Commitment to protecting personal information of customers

     We take some reasonable precautions to keep your personal information secure, and will require Data Operators to do the same. All personal information to help personal identification will be exploited according to strict procedures to prevent unauthorized forms of exploitation, handling, modification or use of wrong personal information. . However, our company may disclose your personal information in the circumstances prescribed by law, due to the need for research with a confidentiality commitment or at the court's request.

Sharp Vietnam Company

     Our company is a member of Sharp Group. 

Your rights

For exploiting your personal information that you have previously agreed to;

Request to correct the correct personal information that our company currently holds.

Contact addresses 

     If you are interested in making comments regarding data confidentiality, or discussing the type of performance related to your legal rights, please contact us: 

     Phone: 1-800-1599