A New Standard
of TV Brightness & Color Expression

Concept Movie

True Brightness   True Color
True to Life

AQUOS XLED is the new home entertainment TV that combines the best features of LCD TV and OLED TV.

Concept Movie

True Brightness

Reproduces the brightness and color surrounding us. The precise control of over 2,000 backlight dimming zones achieves
an unrivaled dynamic color contrast.

True Color

What you see in the real world is what you truly get on the AQUOS XLED. The Deep Chroma QD allows an extensive variety of color expressions. Red, blue and green colors are displayed in rich shades and tones for exceptional realism.

A New Standard In Entertainment

The majority of TVs in the market are LCD TVs and OLED TVs. Each type of TV has its own pros and cons.

  • LCD TV | Great in crisp brightness but.. Lack of contrast a dark room.
  • OLED TV | Great in color contrast but.. Lack of brightness a bright room.

AQUOS XLED is the new home entertainment TV that combines the best features of LCD TV and OLED TV.

  • Brighter than conventional
    LCD TV
  • Greater contrast compared to OLED TV

AQUOS XLED Technology

Xtreme mini LED

2,000 + dimming zones

Truly clear. Enjoy enhanced contrast through the precise backlight control technology which independently drives 2,000 + dimming zones.

Xtreme Brightness

88x* backlight LEDs, 6x* of brightness

Truly bright. Dramatically increased 88x* backlight LEDs ensure 6x* of peak brightness vs. conventional TVs.

Deep Chroma QD

more than 20% up* color coverage area

The highest color representation in the history of AQUOS. More than 20% up* of color gamut coverage area compared with conventional displays.

  • *Comparing the conventional SHARP 4K model launched for the ASEAN region in 2022. This is theoretical value and the actual products might differ.


ARSS+ surround speaker system

AQUOS XLED comes with ARSS+ speaker system, which is equipped with 11 speakers surrounding the screen. Reproduction of the rich sound quality is enabled by the combination of speakers specializing in the high, mid, and low frequency ranges.

  • *ARSS+ is not available in certain models. Please check each region's website for more details.
Immersive sound experience 5types, 11speakers (Max. audio output: 85W)





AQUOS is Sharp’s iconic product brand name for its LCD TVs and component screens. It is only attributed to products that fulfil the requirements of exceptional Picture Quality, Product Quality and Product Integrity. Sharp is pursuing the creation of products that are “True To Life” for the very best in entertainment. The AQUOS XLED TV Series is Sharp’s flagship model offering the highest level of brightness and color contrast performance in the history of AQUOS.

  • Product and screen images are for illustration purposes only, and may differ slightly from the actual products.